Would God hide his word for 1500 years?

I did not defend Freemasonry. I once posted some information from a non-Mason source about Freemasonry, but it was not defending nor advocating it. You have an incorrect understanding of what defending means. Your opinion is wrong. I am not a Mason, and I have never been one. I have not suggested that anyone should be a Mason. In collecting many KJV editions, I obtained a couple editions of the KJV made for Masons with Mason symbols on them, but that does not suggest that I defend Freemasonry. I was obtaining editions of the KJV to examine and compare their texts, not any additional material in them.

Because you may disagree with that non-freemasonry source does not mean that I was supposedly defending Freemasonry as you incorrectly allege.

I defend the KJV as what it actually is while you try to claim that the KJV is something that it is not.
Selective memory? Then perhaps you will not mind a reconstruction of the thread in the Freemasonry section of CARM, and in the meantime you can ask Matt for the YouTube interview. :)
Have a nice day! :)

What is ethical about changing what you've supposed "quoted" a forum user saying?

I don't know how many times I've witnessed the "the end justifies the means" attitudes from KJVOists.

I've interacted with Rick for many many years arounds many forums. We disagree at times but he has always been one of the most honest and patient individuals I have ever meet when comes to debating this topic. Must more so than those who seek to discredit him.
Selective memory?
Incorrect. You may be jumping to wrong conclusions, or you fail to understand correctly, or perhaps you are confusing me with another poster. Do you try to use the bogus guilt-by-association fallacy? Instead of engaging in sound discussion of ideas or concepts, you seem to want to focus on carnal smear tactics.

Because someone may quote a non-Mason book about Masonry that may disagree with some of your claims does not at all suggest that that person was defending Freemasonry.
It is sad that David Daniels had been grossly misrepresented in the opening and subsequent posts. David Daniels does not teach that God hid His words for 1500 years.

To learn and know about what David Daniels actually teaches and talks about, simply get the book for yourself, as well as YouTube search David Daniel's vlogs on the subject of Sinaiticus via the Chick Tracks YouTube channel.

The Sinaiticus Timeline Playlist
Chick Tracts Official YouTube Channel

Daniel's Is a zealot without any evidence of superiority. Chick . . . seriously?

I stand by David Daniels, and I have nothing but much love and appreciation for the work of the late Jack Chick. Especially in the face of the great slander wrought against them both! (y)(y)
You can stand by a door knob but I won't support it. Daniels is a Bible bigot (I have no evidence that he is a bigot otherwise.) Just so you know. It's not slander if it's true. But you go ahead and support your view. When you can answer the question regarding where the Bible was for 1500 years, I'll consider your response.
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