Would It Still Be An Abortion If...


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Yes, it does. Do you want me to explain it?

Try actually addressing the analogy instead of ignoring it then making false claims about it.

Already addressed. That humans reproduce sex does not mean that reproduction is the 'purpose' of sex.

No, you were not.

It's precisely what you said. "Survival of the sexiest' were your words.

Strawman, nobody ever said otherwise.
Strawman. The human being reproduces through sexual intercourse, not pleasure.
Your woke ideology is imaginary


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From someone who denies that English language words can have more than one meaning, that's funny.
What I love about these exchanges on this board is that I have your correspondent on ignore, and yet I still know exactly what he is saying, because he has been saying the same things, butting in to conversations in the same way, abusing dictionary definitions just the same, for years and years. You have more patience than I do.