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Thank you for your patience and God Bless.

Diane S
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  • Immerse


    Is an Anglicized Latin word. It is pure Latin, compounded of in,

    put im for euphony, in and mergo, I sink. In Luke v: 7, 1 Tim.

    vi: 9, we have Buthizo, to sink, to drown. Take, now, the Latin versions

    and writers, and we have:

    1. Vulgate: Luke v: 7, " Ita ut pene mergerentur—so that they

    were almost sunk ;" English—" began to sink/' Beza is the same in

    Latin. Koenael: mergerentur, vel mergi inciperent—sunk, or began

    to sink.

    1 Tim. vi: 9, " Drown men," etc. Vulgate—mergunt homines—

    immerse, drown, i. e., sink them. Beza, "demergunt—" sink, i. e.,

    drown, as the result of being immersed—demersed, in questions.

    Matt, xviii: 6, Katapontizo, sink. Vulgate—" demergatur;" Beza,

    dermergatur—demersed—sink down. Matt, xiv: 30, Peter began to

    sink—mergi, to be merged. Tertullian's "de Baptismo," ch. xii: "That

    Peter himself was immersed enough when he walked on the sea," It

    is rendered by all the lexicons by mergo, de, sub, and immergo.

    Schleusner : " Katapontizo, demergo, submergo, immergo." Sink down,

    sink under, sink in.

    Exodus xv: 5, " They sank into the bottom as a stone." The

    Hebrew is (tubbeutabha), were immersed. The Greek

    Septuagint renders it—kataduo—" were immersed—" sank; verse

    4, " drowned," the Latin Vulgate has submersi sunt; verse 10, They

    sank as lead, etc. Greek— kalypto—immersed. Vulgate—submersl

    Bunt. So Ps. Ixix: 2. Now, Baptizois in no instance applied to these

    cases anywhere ki God's Word. It shows that immersion, the Latin

    of sink, is not the Bible idea of Baptizo

    Louisville Wilks - Ditzler debate
    Let God's word speak and everyman be silent

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    We must also state that immerse (immergo) is never used to translate baptizo into Latin or used by Latin writers when writing about baptism in the early history.

    One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple.