This morning I was reading The Red Sea Rules: 10 God-Given Strategies
For Difficult Times by Robert J. Morgan and came across a short passage
on faith building:

Here tis:

Says Morgan:
"Lord, increase our faith,
Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief"

I've often uttered these prayers, knowing that faith isn't something
I can muster up at will; it must be given by God and developed
according to the processes he has ordained.

He is, after all, a God who grows things.
Physically, each of us began life as a tiny speck. Its a marvelous cell,
for all the characteristics of each person --- sex, eye color, shoe size,
intelligence, and so forth --- are determined at fertilization by the baby's
genetic code that resides in the forty-six human chromosomes in that
one cell. We began microscopically, then grow. Faith is also a growing
End the Morgan quote


So? So our faith might grow.
Maybe we will find ourselves being more receptive to exercising more
and more faith as the years roll along.

Back on faith:
I'm going to tell you a true story.
(I got from The Red Sea Rules)

There was once a father whose daughter (we will call her Mary)
age 5, asked her father to build her a dollhouse. The father nodded
and promised to build her one, then returned to reading his book.
But glancing out the window, he say Mary, arms crammed with
dishes and dolls, making trip after trip until she had a large pile
in the yard. He asked his wife what Mary was doing.
"Oh, you promised to build her a dollhouse, and she believes
you. She's just getting ready for it."

Now with that story in mind, read this:

"People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his
hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus
saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children
come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God
belongs to such as these
. Truly I tell you, anyone who will
not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never
enter it.”
And he took the children in his arms, placed his
hands on them and blessed them."
Mark 10


"Have faith in God."__The Lord Jesus
Mark 11:22