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Are there Angels watching over us?

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  • Are there Angels watching over us?

    Spiritual Encounter #1

    I must of been around 7 years old, when I first experience something at that time, that had no explanation, nor did I understand, what it was. My parents did not practice any religion, or belong to any religious organizations, at that time. I was one sick little boy, with fever, shivering and shaking in bed. My Mom had told me, the Doctor was on the way, she had a cold wet towel, on my forehead, trying to keep my fever under control. Now if any of you are old enough to remember, Doctors in the early 1940's, made house calls, and carried their Black Bag, filled with all kinds of gadgets and pills to make you better again, that was the way I saw it as a little kid.

    They would look in your ears, and down your throat, check your heart, and lungs, and take your temperature, the Doctor did all of that, and my body temperature was high, because of my fever I would slip in and out of sleep. The doctor told my Mom that he though I had the German Measles, because my throat, and mouth, was though to be lined with measles, also Measles was on going in the schools at the time. The Doctor told Mom, if it was Measles and they don't come out, on the surface of my skin, within a couple hours, I would have to go the hospital and fast.

    Not long after the Doctor left, I was laying in bed, when I saw a bright light come through the window, and stop at the foot of my bed, I never heard a sound just the bright light, and a warm peaceful flow, of everything is going to be fine, and the light drifted back out the window, and was gone. My fever broke immediately, and later my body was covered with Measles. Mom told me later that the Doctor was worried I might not make it, if my Measles stayed inside, and my fever remained high for a long period of time.

    This was my first encounter, with something strange and not understanding what happened.
    The scripture says that Our God knew you before, you were Born. Now does this line-up with Gods plan for your life? I say yes.
    I will continue with testimonies of my other spiritual encounters, and I'm sure many of Gods Children can testify to their own life saving events also.
    If you have experienced this Please share briefly your Story.

    God Bless

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    If your a Christian or not Iím sure you have had moments are Events that you have no explanations for, that could of cost you your life. How is it your still here was it good Luck are was someone looking over you?
    I believe God has a plan for your life and wants you to share it.

    Spiritual Encounter #2

    At the age of 14, I had a job working for a Newspaper store, we sold Tobacco, Birthday cards, Box candy, and other gift items, we also delivered, bundles of morning and evening news papers to other places, like Movie Theaters, Bus and Train stations. Now it was on one of these trips to a local Drive-in Theater, Victor was driving and I was seated in back of the delivery truck, he would drive to the drop-off point, where I would leave several bundles of news papers, for them to sell.

    Now in a small town like St. Charles Mo. we didn't have to many stop and go lights, just a stop sign here and there, as we where leaving the drive-in theater we had to cross the main road, going through town with just a blinking caution light at the theater road, as we where making a left turn on the main road, a car hit the rear of the truck right where I was setting, the impact throw me maybe twenty feet or more, on my back and head to the concrete pavement, as I lay there unconscious for a period of time, while the ambulance and police where on the way, I was trying to reach out to God and confess, my sins, knowing I'm a sinner, and afraid to die, all I could think of was the Apostle Creed, that I had learned in the Catholic School, when I woke up, I was still laying on the concrete pavement, I was saying the Creed for a prayer, that was the only prayer I knew. I don't know why I didn't say a Hail Mary or a Our Father, we always prayed the Rosary after confessing our sins to a Priest, for penance and forgiveness of our sins.

    The accident was real bad, a mother and father with small children were involved, the car was laying on it's side in the ditch along the road, there was a small baby covered in blood, crying in the mothers arms, they must of been thrown through the front windshield that was missing. I seem to be alright, with some minor scrapes, no bones broken, we all were taking to the hospital, the serious ones hurt were admitted. I was sent home, because they found nothing broken.

    After I got home, and later that night my head hurt and I was throwing-up, so they rushed me to the Hospital where I was admitted with a brain concussion, where I had to remain for a week before I was released. The baby that was covered with blood, the good news was this, they could not find a mark of any kind, on the child, apparently all that blood was from the mother, the good news was no one died in this accident.

    How I was thrown off the truck to the concrete pavement, with all my body intact, was a miracle, someone had to have cushioned my fall to the pavement, and saved my legs from being crushed, because the car hit the back of our delivery truck, right where my feet rested on the rear bumper. Now as I think back on this happening some 64 years ago, long before I knew Jesus Christ as my lord a Savior, He was there.

    God Bless


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      As a Christian do you believe in predestination?

      Spiritual Encounter #3

      Let's put it this way, at the age of 25 I'm pretty much doing my own thing, enjoying married life, having a good time, on weekends with family and friends. My wife and I would attend Mass on Sundays at the Catholic Church, not every Sunday, but only when we felt guilty for missing, one or two Sundays, we had no problem partying on Saturdays, and sleeping it off on Sundays.

      I knew this was wrong, and I needed to go to confession, but gave up on going to a Priest, to confess my sins, long ago, it just never seem right, so sin just continued to built-up on my shoulders, as I feared God, and having a great fear of dying at a young age, for protection I had a statue of Jesus on the dash of my car, and some times I carried a Saint Christopher metal in my pocket.

      Now the year had to be 1963, because I just bought a new Chevrolet Corvair hardtop convertible, these cars had the engine mounted in the rear. I had the day off from work, being a holiday weekend, but not my wife. It's a warm summer-day so I decide to go swimming, in St. Charles, at a Olympic size pool that had a 10 foot high diving board, I been there many times before, and love diving off that board.

      It was around lunch, so I decided to get something to eat, before I drove to the pool some 6 miles away, so I stopped at a tavern having a hamburger and some beer, but drinking one to many beers, I should of turned around and went home, that still small voice was telling me not to go to the pool, I'm one stubborn person, my wife tells me, and she still does.

      So I headed down the highway, to St. Charles Mo. keeping my car with in the speed limit, but there was a narrow bridge coming up, that crossed the Missouri river, from the St. Louis Mo. side, that I had to cross. I knew that would be trouble for me if I wasn't careful. As I was going north on a highway that had two lanes, coming and going, a car passed me on my right side, and all of a sudden it cut me off, turning left in front of me, I swerved right just in time, missing the rear of that car, then I over corrected to stay on the highway, causing my car to hit the right shoulder, that flipped my car in the air rolling it once or twice, before landing on the roof of the car, than back up on it's wheels, in a big corn field.

      There was a small Volkswagen Bug behind me, with two women in it, they came running to the point, where my car rolled down, the embankment, thinking I'm dead I guess they were crying, as I crawled out from the car, looking up at them, with the roof crushed to the seats, unhurt just a little shook-up, I said to them I'm OK, they couldn't believe their eyes.

      I ask the women about the car that cut me off, but they said they were worried about me, so it left the seen of the accident. The State Police arrived and made a report, and they also called a wrecker with a winch to get my car back on the highway, I ask them if I could try driving up the steep embankment, because the top of the car was the only thing damaged, they didn't believe I would make it. But with the engine in the rear, and rear wheel drive, the car made it up the embankment easily.

      I remember someone was in that car with me when I was rolling in the air, because I didn't have my seat belt on, all they were in those days, was just a lap belt, we didn't use them much back then. Again a voice said turn the motor off, as I was rolling in the air I turned the key off, and laid down in the front seats, as the car came down on it's roof in that Missouri bottom river land.

      What would of happened, if I had to cross that narrow bridge, or lets say I made it to the swimming pool, I like diving in the pool, off that high spring board, was my condition impaired by the alcohol as not able to make good judgements? Most-likely I would say. I was less then two miles from our home, so the State Police let me drive the car home, with the damaged roof and missing windshield, and I parked it in our garage, when my wife came home she came in the house crying, she ask me what happened to our new car? I said what about me, she said you look good but what happen to the car? It was one of those times we could laugh and cry at the same time. But we didn't know that God was there, just lucky we guessed.

      I did return to the site of the accident, about a month later, walking around in that corn field, I found the statue of Jesus, that was on my dash at the time of the accident, that was a good thing, because I now know that Jesus will never leave me or forsake me, that's true for all who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

      It would be 12 more years before I could call Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

      God Bless


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        My Fishing story didnít end here I was to become a Fisherman for God and a wittiness of His Saving Grace who has a plan for your life. Amen

        Encounter #4

        This encounter happened at a time in my life when I was most troubled with many things, for one I was having trouble with fall allergies, to the point where my Doctors told me to move West to escape the Missouri ragweed, that had me miserable, my wife was six months pregnant, expecting our second child in January of 1970. We were living in our first home that we bought in 1964, and we now had it for sale, because we had just purchased a new home that would be built, and ready to move in by early spring of 1970.

        You might say hey this is not a bad thing, new baby on the way, and a new home, to move in and decorate, what more could you ask for? I don't know why I was feeling so depressed, because my wife was the one pregnant, never complaining about much, and happy with the idea that it could be a little girl, since we already had a boy, and decorating the baby room accordingly.

        Well maybe some of this was beginning to show-up in the work place, a factory where we built subway cars for Chicago, and many other major cites across America. One of my coworkers Charles, ask me to go fishing with him over the weekend, he had a place where clear water creeks flowed around his property, with a near-by lake also, seem like it could be a fishermen paradise, sound good to me.

        Charles lived on a small farm about 40 miles south of St. Louis MO. we decided to go fishing over the weekend, I would drive down Saturday morning and return Sunday afternoon, that would give us plenty of time for fishing. I have to say this is one thing I loved to do, because fishing was my favorite sport along with hunting, it was a family thing as I grew-up, as we lived off the land in the early days.

        It was a perfect fall day, with a overcast sky as I left to head south, when I arrived at his place it was fairly nice and we got right down to fishing in this clear water creek. The fishing was good catching and releasing the ones we didn't want to keep, later in the day it started to rain on us but that didn't stop us, as we fished right up to dark then headed to his place, to clean our fish, having fresh fried Fish for dinner, before going to bed.

        After a good nights sleep and a bite to eat for breakfast, we got back to some morning fishing, before it was time for me to get ready to head back home. It was around noon when we called it quits, cleaned our fish and put them on ice in a big cooler, I had taken with me. The cooler was full of fish and ice, and we loaded it in the front of my 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, because that's where the trunk was on this rear engine car.

        I must say it was great getting away from home, but on the other hand, I was missing my wife and son, leaving her there six months pregnant, taking care of my 2-1/2 year old son, she had to have her hands full doing so, needless to say I was feeling a little bit guilty, with me having all the fun.

        Driving home I had time to think about things, most of it was about how I could be better than my neighbors or just fit-in with their life style of things. When you grow up poor and you start having a little money in your pocket you really do foolish things, and that was a problem I didn't see, but God was about to get my attention real soon.

        With only a few more miles to go before reaching home, I heard this still small voice say buckle your seat-belt, not thinking much of it, again buckle your seat-belt, the last and finial time a little louder buckle your seat-belt, I didn't do it, now I'm approaching, a 4 way stoplight, with a green arrow in my favor, to turn left across a divided highway, doing so without stopping, just slowing down enough, to make the left turn.

        All I can remember was waking-up still in my car, with the passenger side all crush-in, the car was up-right on it's wheels, I was able to get out of the car on drivers-side, which I did. From what eyewitnesses say they saw was this, as I crossed the first lane on the divided highway as a speeding pickup truck hit my car on the passengers side, and spun it around in the highway, never turning it over.

        I was taken to the Hospital no one was killed, never heard what happened to the truck or the driver, but I had no broken bones, just a big cut on my forehead, and bruises on my arms and back, the Hospital released me to go home, I even went to work the next day.

        This is what I saw when I viewed the car in a salvage lot, the car was totally destroyed, the drivers seat was ripped out of the floor that held the seat in place, the dash was crushed in where my body hit, the rear-view mirror still had skin hanging on it from my forehead, the passenger door was buckled outward, from my back hitting it, being held in place by nothing because the door-lock was broken.

        I did not know Jesus Christ as my Savior at this time, who was it that told me to buckle my seat-belt? What would of happened if that passenger door had failed to keep me in the car? How did the drivers seat get ripped out of the floor? How did the car stay up-right after spinning around several time from impact? In those days there was very little plastic inside the cars, the dash was mostly metal, and no air-bags to protect you, but someone was there for me.

        That's my Fishing Story, it would be a little more than 5 years before I would know Jesus Christ as my Savior.

        Someone at the accident site removed the cooler from my damaged car with the Fish and Ice all intact, and returned it while I was in the Hospital. It was a few weeks later I called our families together for a Big Fish Fry, where we all celebrated our Good-luck that no one got killed and life was good.

        God Bless
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          Another fishing story that is very important to me because if God had not been there with someone to help me I would not be telling you my story right now.

          Encounter #5

          It was a beautiful spring day in Reno NV. when my youngest son and I got up early to go fishing. We had decided a few days earlier to go fishing at the Stampede Reservoir on his day off from work. In early spring the temperature here in Reno can be in the middle 30's or low 40's, but up at the mountain lakes, it can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler, so we had to take our heavy jackets with us.

          As we headed up highway 80 toeing my sons boat and motor behind his big Diesel Truck, you could still see snow back off the highway in the tree line that hadn't melted yet, from all the winter storms, very picturesque. Once you leave the highway you clime up hill to the lake along the little Truckee river.

          Stampede Reservoir is a beautiful high Sierra lake, popular with anglers and water sports enthusiasts. The reservoir is situated at an elevation of nearly 6,000 feet, east of Donner Summit and 15 miles northeast of Truckee. Neighbored by Boca Reservoir, Prosser Creek Reservoir, and Donner Lake, Stampede is one of the leading kokanee salmon fishing lakes in the West, also plenty of brown, mackinaw, and rainbow trout.

          After arriving at the lake we headed to the boat ramp and launched the boat in the cold clear mountain water, anxious to start catching fish. We headed for the lake dam and spillway, slowly trolling and fishing on the way. We soon found out that fishing was slow, we had some hits but managed to land one in the boat, but released it back to the lake, since we had caught nothing all morning.

          It was round noon we decided to call it a day, and head back to the boat dock, the sun and the cool air was very pleasant, the snow lined banks of the lake and the tall Pine Trees was very quaint. As we neared the boat dock and slowed down, I was preparing to take the boat rope and tie us off, so my son could go get the truck and boat trailer, when this happened.

          I was standing in the boat up front, with the rope in my hand, as we came in contact with the dock, I placed my right foot on the boat top rail and the left foot on the dock, I must of pushed the boat backward as I was trying to get on the dock, as the boat moved my right foot slipped off the top rail and I fell backward hitting the right-side of my face on the boat rail, knocking me out for a moment, until I hit the icy cold lake water.

          I woke up struggling to stay on top of the water, but my heavy winter jacket and pants was socking wet, and no life jacket on, I was in big trouble, to stay afloat. My body felt like a big lead weight hard to move, there was a strong under current pulling me downward, it was like someone had a hold of my legs pulling me down, as my head went under the water, all of a sudden some thing pulled me back up.

          I want you to know this was all happening to me very quickly, it seems like time stops, when you loose consciousness, and then wake-up. What happened was this, a man happened to be standing there close enough to reach down and grab the collar of my jacket as I was being pulled under by the swirling lake under current.

          He helped me get up on the dock, I had to shed my heavy wet clothing to keep from freezing. I don't know how cold the water was but there was ice along the lake shore earlier that morning. My son had something in the truck to place over me like a tarp or blanket to keep the cool air off me as I was standing there in my underwear shivering.

          I thanked this man for helping me, and being there to grab hold of my jacket when he did, he said he was glad to be in the right spot, at the right time on that dock, where he could help me. I was able to get to a restroom close by and clean up a little. When my face hit the boat rail it knock off my glasses and put a deep cut above my upper lip that would require stitches, also knocking out 5 of my upper front teeth, requiring my Dentist to replace them with porcelain caps.

          I wasn't in that restroom very long, but the thought came to me, I would not be alive if this man had not been there, so I went outside looking for him, not knowing anything about him, his name where he lived, why was he there, was he fishing, and I wanted to thank him one more time for what he did for me, but he was gone no where to be found and seen again.

          God Bless