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The Homeschool/Public School/Private School "Wars"

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    Originally posted by Josheb View Post
    Yes, it does mean schools are really failing. They are failing many people in many ways. They are failing most Christians in many ways. However...

    I read more attribution errors, piles of fallacy, and a few tou violations so, having said my piece and received the misrepresentations, fallacy, and tou violations in response, I'm going to move on.

    Yes, the war is totally avoidable; the "war" is not. No, homeschooling is not an essential of the faith but no one here has said it is. When Christians begin practicing the essential practices (practices, not doctrines) the "war" will be over. 1 Cor. 11:18-19, 1 Cor. 13:2, 2 Cor. 12:20
    My wife is blowing a gasket!

    Now days, those teachers have deleted history from class around here in Kentucky!

    They are trying to hide what this country has done in past history.

    They are trying to make out that this country has a Pristine past.

    No wars, didn't fry anybody in Japan, Iraq. The fire in Tokyo was so bad from the cluster bombs, they had to change locations of the second nuke!

    they used depleted uranium shells in Iraq, The residue of that stuff is still there ,it is bad on reproduction!
    People in Japan still get cancer handed down genetically!

    Children need to be taught that war is a mainstay.

    Companies, stockholders get rich from war.

    This needs to be taught in a war history class!

    This is not a so called Christian nation.

    I know what's coming.

    "off topic"

    Learn to deal with the TRUTH!!!



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      Originally posted by WendyWrites View Post
      Hi all,

      I'm an evangelical Christian but most always post on the secular boards (it's a long story). At any rate, I'm also a public school teacher who used to be a staunch advocate for homeschooling, until just a couple of years ago. I am not a homeschool detractor as many of my public school colleagues are, but I will no longer vocally support homeschooling when it comes up in the staff lounge or other places, as I faithfully did a few years ago.

      Why not?

      The wars.

      I don't know why schooling must be a war among Christians, but it seems it is so. My take: to make themselves feel better about their choice, many (not all) homeschooling families demonized the public schools--I mean all of them. And sold this to their children. And infested even their churches with it. I don't need to go into details. If you're a Christian, you know what I mean, don't you?

      Just one topic to explore: special needs students, whose numbers are exploding, and the lack of care private Christian schools typically provide for them. So, these children are put in public schools, and then many Christians go 'round badmouthing the public schools these children are left to--the very least of these we are supposed to be caretaking.

      (All this said: I know very well that public schools are NOT perfect and have many problems. I am NOT a rose-colored glasses, union-loving, I'm on a pedestal public school teacher, either. Believe me.)
      The problem, Wendy, is that you throw a temper tantrum over the most innocuous disagreement with government education.

      I once stated that not all government school teachers are Christians and you completely lost it, screaming about how I said no government school teacher could be a Christian and how I said that you, personally, weren't a Christian.

      In another thread, I said that there are many good and well meaning people in government schools, but that they're hands were tied because they were restrained by a flawed system. Once again, you went off on a multi-post rant about how I attacked government school teachers.

      That's why it's hard to take you seriously on this issue.