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Is money the prerequisite of man's living?

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  • Is money the prerequisite of man's living?

    The time is pasting quietly, one day just went. Everyday, we want to earn more money. Everyone says that "Money is worldly things", which is easy to say. But in the current society, the money is so attractive: how many people are rushing around for money; how many people are led by the nose with the others for money; how many family was broken up and ruined because of money... Money is so powerful! In this material society, there are varicolored traps everywhere. Our standard of living is growing continually, the poor ones have to live at the bottom of heap, but never lose ourselves for so-called money. Someone are knocked up because work so hard for earning money, they sent the money they earned into hospital without enjoying their life with their own money. Money, not better than that, it's OK when it is enough, We have to change our opinion on it, don't lose our healthy body and good morale which we owned at beginning for pursuing it blindly.

    We came to this world not so long, not so short. I come to understand that we should value the people around, don't lose our original happiness for the worldly things. Moreover, value the invaluable life for there is only one time to live, no chance to regret and to have one more time. Time once missed will never return...
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