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stalk playing. ever heard of it?

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  • stalk playing. ever heard of it?

    hi, about a year and a half ago my husband wanted a Maine Coon cat. If you are not familiar with them they are very large cats. So we bought a cat who was a Maine Coon and she turned out to be the size of a smallish kitten and weighs about 5-6 pounds, tiny. Not coon cat from Maine or any other state. I wanted a cat after our older cat passed on and we got a Bengal. They are beautiful cats and I guess only a few generations for their wild relatives. A few weeks ago the Bengal started playing rough with our mini maine coon and we began to monitor what was going on and even seeing it did not recognize it for what it is. The Bengal likes to stalk our runt and attack her without claws or teeth. She just stalks and then pounces. But Molly weighs about 20 pounds and when she pounces it knocks the heck out of our runt. We are giving the Bengal up to my brother but it is very sad. We know how he is with pets, especially kitties, and while that tempers the sadness it still hurts terribly. If you would please pray that Molly makes the transition well. Thanks.