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Patriots win.

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  • Patriots win.

    ...Kind of.

    Tom gets his 4th ring.

    In a rare event, I actually called it right. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I can claim victory here or not. Yes, the official score was 28 - 24. But come on. Is there really anybody who does not believe that the win was as much due to an incredibly stupid call by the Seahawks coaching staff as anything else? Is there really anybody who does not, on some level believe that the outcome would have been very different had the just fed Lynch the ball from 1 yard out, and a time out to boot? I suppose bad plays are part of the game, but still....

    I was looking at a win, until Kearse came down with the most improbable catch since Manningham's helmet catch. (Even the look on Brady's face was screaming "Oh NO. Not again!!!" I must say, as stupid as that final call was, it was executed fairly well, and should have scored. Except the next improbable undrafted rookie reading the play. And yes...possibly more than any other superbowl, Tom Brady owes Butler. Big time. In a big way.

    A win is a win. I'll take it. Just as Tom will gleefully accept his 4th ring in 6 tries, and he will, some day, accept his first ballot HOF induction.
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