Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit (aaaggghhh!!!) Lions
A real heartbreaker!
Atlanta came within an obscure rule of choking again.
Seconds left. Stafford throws a TD pass to Tate in the endzone. 8 seconds left, Detroit goes up by 2.
But wait. On field review! Turns out Tate is 1/2 yard short.
So close yet so far.
Lions get one more shot, right?
Wrong. According to rule, under this particular set of circumstances, there is a 10 second runoff. 8 seconds left in the game.

Note: Of course I think it is a stupid rule. My team was on the wrong end.

On the bright side, if your a Falcons fan, at least they took great strides in the whole choke syndrome. Had that last TD stood, I can only speculate on the headlines, let alone the team psyche.

From my perspective, the Lions, even though they lost, have nothing to hold their head over. They picked off Ryan 3 times, incl. a Pick-6. And they actually came within half yard over pulling off yet another improbable upset, not to mention yet another 4th qtr. comeback under Stafford's belt. What they have shown is they are much better than predicted, and they can stand with any team in the league.
But wait...I have been a Lions fan to long, and I am well aware that no team has described mediocracy, nor managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory better than the Lions. Meaning simply that a loss like this can work 2 ways...just as it can buoy their spirits and prove they are as good as anybody, so to can it get in their heads and essentially destroy an entire season.