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Should Christians Watch TV?

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    Most likely not, it is in theory a Trojan horse and one which is mesmerizing the family and after years of G rated material is becoming less moral and ethical and is now producing what is close to pornography and will have just that, the media is corporate owned and operated and filled either with lies or entertainment tonight material, it also allows no real choice for programming, it’s a device to literally divide the family from itself.


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      Originally posted by Mark Corbett View Post

      I think you have some good points. Those types of movies tend to glorify personal vengeance instead of trusting the Lord for justice. The heroes very often do many things which I would not want my daughter or nephew and nieces to imitate.
      What I've noticed over the years is that the MOST OBJECTIONABLE concepts, and "Pushing of the limits" is almost ALWAYS is introduced first in Sitcoms where it's presented in the most over the top, and comedically ridiculous form by pathetically stupid characters (with the father figures being the MOST stupid and unstable of all), and their equally clueless and flesh-driven families. That Roseanne is now back and the advertising brags that "EVERYBODY IS WONDERING WHAT ROSEANNE WILL SAY NEXT" is a commentary on what sitcoms have become, but have probably always been.


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        The television and entertainment industry also produces propaganda for political use.


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          Originally posted by cynthia View Post
          If I had my way, the TV would hardly come on except to watch the news about twice a week, and to catch the weather forecast. I enjoy music from our cable company, and some Home and Garden programs, etc. But I spend hours on the computer, so that may be just as bad in a distracting way. Facebook.

          I do enjoy travel programs, home improvement programs, antiquing shows, etc. There is usually an hour or two a day that is worthwhile, but it can turn into sitting and staring all day if you are not discerning. There is good programming on Nova, Nature and PBS that I really love, it is not all bad. But it is all distracting from doing things around the house or for others.

          I love my husband, but he wants the thing on from the moment he gets home until he goes to bed. He watches things I can't stand. American Idol, So you think you can dance, the Voice, etc He also likes race cars, rebuilding old cars etc, on TV, on and on. Its just too much noise for me and I get stressed. I sit outside a lot, or go into the back room where I can't hear the TV or put in earplugs and listen to podcasts etc while reading in the same room where he is watching TV. We have hundreds of channels and he can spend half an hour just cruising around looking for a show to watch. He is hard of hearing too and turns it up very loud.

          I love to go camping in our travel trailer so I can be out in nature. We just got home from a 3 day trip, and he had the TV in the trailer on the entire time we were inside it, even though we could only pick up a few channels and it was very static. His vision is poor and he can't read anymore, which he used to do a lot of. We did spend a lot of time sitting outside by the lake looking at the mountains which was wonderful. But when inside, there goes the noise machine. It is either TV or radio, he can't seem to stand quiet.

          Sorry to complain so much. But this OP touched a nerve and I usually keep this to myself.

          PS: For many years, I refuse to watch a movie with a rating of R or MA. I only watch PG or PG-13, otherwise its got bad language, and bad behavior that I don't need for entertainment. There are still some good movies but they are few and far between.
          Stay away from Facebook, itís a data collecting site.


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            Originally posted by Mark Corbett View Post
            Should Christians watch R rated moves or MA rated TV? How much TV should we watch? What should Christians look at on our computers, smart phones, and TVs?

            My Testimony Regarding Watching TV

            As a young married couple we owned a small TV set. This was a quarter century ago. Although the content on TV was nowhere near as graphic and explicit as it is now, as a young man I still found that the pervasive sexy images which filled television had a bad effect on my thought life. So I asked my wonderful wife if it would be ok with her if we threw our TV away. She graciously agreed to this. I was young and enthusiastic. I didn’t want our TV to cause anyone else to stumble. So I opened up the back, cut a key wire, and then threw our TV in the garbage can. We have not owned a television since that day.

            Honestly, throwing away our TV was one of the better decisions I have made in life. It was around that same time that the Lord called us to go overseas to share the gospel among unreached people groups. We never regretted not having a TV. Joy never “missed” not having TV. We did carefully choose and watch children’s videos with her on our computer. Not having TV was good for her and good for us.

            TV eventually crept back into my life. It was probably about fifteen years after we threw away our TV set. We began to rent TV shows on something called VCDs (an old version of DVDs which were popular for a time in Indonesia). We never watched anything R rated. But we started to watch more often, and to be honest, the content was not spiritually healthy. Then we moved back to the US in 2010 and discovered that our internet now had enough bandwidth to watch TV shows on our computers. We chose what we watched and stayed away from MA content. I was probably watching 10 to 12 hours of TV content a week. I knew in my heart that watching TV was not helping me spiritually.

            Several times I tried to “cut back”. But it didn’t stick. About 6 weeks ago, I decided to “go cold turkey”. I’m glad I did! Since then I have felt more spiritual energy, and have seen the Lord open some doors for new ministry opportunities. I pray that I will not backslide!

            I am not committed to never watching any TV or movies in any setting. If I’m visiting with someone, I feel free to watch some TV with them if they have it on. Also, I still occasionally rent movies on DVD to watch with Hope. But honestly, I am thankful that God led me to stop watching TV again.

            Do I Think All Christians Should Stop Watching All, or Almost All, TV?

            No, not necessarily. I think that each believer should seek God’s will based on Biblical principles, honest evaluation of how TV effects their thought life, and their home situation. While this is an area where different families may make different decisions, my feeling is that most Christians would experience significant spiritual blessing if they watched less TV.

            Here are some reasons to consider watching less TV:

            1. What you watch DOES influence how you think and what you feel and desire. Why do you think advertisers spend billions of dollar on advertising?

            2. TV is full of bad examples. I liked police shows and actions shows and superhero shows. But one thing I noticed is that even the good guys were not good examples. Sure, they were brave and generally good at outshooting and or out-kickboxing the bad guys. But in their private lives they were not examples that I would want Joy to follow. They drank alcohol, often to the point of being drunk, to celebrate victories and to deal with frustrations. They slept around. In real life those actions bring painful consequences.

            3. Then there is the sexual content. TV is full of immodestly dressed women (and men, too). Even in “PG” rated material, actresses are often shown to be naked, or partly naked, from behind. These actresses are paid to take off their clothes in these scenes, and indirectly we support this by watching the advertisements during these shows. It is an indirect form of prostitution. That may sound harsh, but it is true. And seeing this content causes many people to lust, which is a form of adultery (see Matthew 5:28). In addition, TV promotes many types of sexual immorality.

            4. TV massively promotes materialism and greed, which is one of the major idols in American culture.

            5. Most TV shows are godless. I don’t mean merely that the content is evil (although, sometimes, it is), I mean that they almost totally leave God out of everything. A serious Christian character is extremely rare. If Christians are shown at all, they are often put in a bad light. Even thinking about God during dangerous situations, when most people do think about God and pray, is rare on TV. God is rarely mentioned in the news or in sports or anywhere. Godless. TV trains us to think about the world and life in godless ways.

            6. TV’s graphic images tend to capture our imaginations and draw our thoughts away from God.

            7. Even the news is problematic. Watching the news causes us to focus too much on politics and world events. We usually can do very little to change those things. TV distracts us from serving our neighbors and serving in our local churches and other ministries where our small efforts can actually make a big difference in people’s lives.

            This list is not complete. I’m sure you could think of some more bad things about TV. Is there anything good about TV? Sure, a tiny bit here and there. But would you go to a restaurant where most of the time they served you rotten food and often had bugs and dog poop mixed into your meal just because every now and then you found a bite of something that was actually good and healthy on your plate?

            Practical Suggestions

            I want to close with some practical suggestions.

            If you decide to cut back on TV or even go cold turkey, think about positive things you can do in place of TV. Many people watch TV when they are tired. It’s legitimate to have some rest time. Choose something good for your spirit that is relaxing for you and invest in it. Buy some of your favorite style of Christian music or order some good Christian books to read. I am not suggesting that you should try to replace TV with more work when you are already exhausted. Find ways to rest in God and rest with God, but never rest from God. While we shouldn’t usually try to replace watching TV with more work, for some reason that I can’t clearly explain, I have felt like I have more energy since I stopped watching TV again.

            For me, going “cold turkey” worked. But the Lord might work in you differently. Here are a list of specific actions the Spirit might lead you to take after reading this (I stopped and prayed for you, if no one actually takes any of these actions then this blog post is pretty much a waste of my time and yours):

            1. Somebody who is reading this is watching pornography on your TV and/or computer. With God’s help and grace, stop! You might be able to stop on your own with God’s help. If you try to stop and can’t, get help from other Christians. Do whatever it takes to stop. Act like your spiritual and emotional health depend on it, because they do.

            2. Some of you need to stop watching MA and R rated content. With very rare exceptions (The Passion of the Christ and Hacksaw Ridge, for example) MA and R rated material is damaging to your soul and mind. Often, it is a “mild” (by the world’s standards) form of pornography.

            3. Perhaps you need to reduce how many hours you watch TV.

            4. The Holy Spirit is likely going to cause some of you to think of a specific show you should stop watching. Listen to and obey the Spirit’s guidance.

            5. Perhaps a few of you will be called to go “cold turkey”, like me. Be encouraged! Getting rid of TV is a lot easier than plucking out your eye!

            NIV Mark 9:47 And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell,
            They should remove television and go shortwave radio (other frequencies too) and use alternative products such as roku, tablets etc to get internet access and choose family programming, of course there is also forums to go too and sites like this...


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              [QUOTE=Mark Corbett;n4847646]Should Christians watch R rated moves or MA rated TV? How much TV should we watch? What should Christians look at on our computers, smart phones, and TVs?

              If you have to ASK, then you already HAVE your answer. If you can't do it in FAITH -


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                Perhaps this is a good reason to not watch television.



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                  Those who avoid the tools and weapons and time-stealers of the enemy of Christ ,

                  who refrain from being polluted by the world,

                  do better.

                  Originally posted by Mark Corbett View Post
                  .... How much TV should we watch? What should Christians look at on our computers, smart phones, and TVs?


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                    This is the testimony of those who have stopped watching tv. (to be becoming more helpful to others, more like Christ, obeying the Father in Heaven and resisting the devil all the time instead of giving in from lack of discipline and/or lack of self-control)

                    As Leonard Ravenhill said "How can anyone hope to defeat the devil daily, if they don't have the strength to turn off the television? "

                    Originally posted by The reader View Post

                    Here’s the thing. You and your family has an iPhone, iPad, kindle that is a replacement for your tv so it’s really up to you but no a Christian should not watch tv. The more you watch the less Christ like you become. My opinion.


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                      Restoring Godly Families , to heal families divided , to heal whole communities all living selfish lives not recognizing one another any more , is, in Christ, His Way, a righteous goal, God Willing. God Directed.
                      Rarely seen?

                      "How beautiful and rare is it to see brethren dwelling together in unity" .......

                      "They (observers) WILL KNOW we are Ekklesia by the love we have (the observers see clearly) for one another (laying down our lives daily, self-sacrificially, opposite of the way of the world and different than the way of religion) "

                      Pray for God's Healing. Jesus came to Heal the sick. (to seek for and to save the lost)

                      Originally posted by JagdPanther View Post
                      Most likely not, it is in theory a Trojan horse and one which is mesmerizing the family and after years of G rated material is becoming less moral and ethical and is now producing what is close to pornography and will have just that, the media is corporate owned and operated and filled either with lies or entertainment tonight material, it also allows no real choice for programming, it’s a device to literally divide the family from itself.