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How To Reverse Hair Loss Naturally #2

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  • How To Reverse Hair Loss Naturally #2

    If you're not one of those Christians who are easily spooked (he has a dragon and some sort of symbol Taoist symbol at the opening and closing of the video) you should enjoy the information.

    I have a full head of hair, pretty much, but my hair has never been very thick and I've always had a thumb-sized "spot" in the back where it appeared slightly thinned; in the last year, I have not been watching my diet too well (plus a couple of, sort of, scalp "accidents"--used very hot water to wash my scalp and found tons of hair falling out; ate a Kosher instant soup mix containing GMO corn and hair started falling out like crazy) so there has been some hair loss. I wanted to stem it immediately so I did some research.

    Some notes I took:
    Testosterone turns into DHT in the body; it thickens and hardens the scalp, thinning, and eventually completely destroying hair.
    There are various methods of stopping Testosterone from becoming DHT, but the only preparation he is aware of which stops all three possible negative chemical outcomes of testosterone is drinking stinging nettle root tea. One side-effect is that you might have more aggression.
    Also, mix olive oil with cayenne pepper and apply to scalp at night and cover with bag shower cap: olive oil will bind and render inert the DHT in the scalp (stopping its effect of thickening and hardening the scalp) and the cayenne will increase blood flow.

    Nutrition & Blood Flow
    You need a lot more nutrition--e.g.: greens have tons of nutrition so make a smoothie or juice and drink it immediately (Dr. Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute says within 90 seconds 90% of the vitamins and minerals in a smoothie have already oxidized).
    Your hair needs nutrition, so you need to exercise to increase blood flow to the scalp.
    Also, massage the scalp to get blood/nutrition flowing to the scalp. Also to head-stands (1-2 minutes). Perhaps even just hanging your head off the side of the bed would do it as well.

    Kidney Health
    Sugar, meat, high-GI foods are bad for kidneys, which are important for hair health (I think he said for nutrition getting to the scalp?). This probably depends on the ratio of high-GI foods:exercise, since I've seen people who eat tons of fruit and have full heads of hair because they exercise religiously.

    Don't use shampoos unless they use very simple ingredients. No parabens, etc.,

    Stress out because it is related to hair loss.

    Stay hydrated.

    He didn't mention Biotin, but I read a "testimonial" a woman hairdresser whose hair had begun to fall out in "clumps" took 10,000 mcg Biotin daily; and within a year had a full head of hair again. Another video I watched cautioned that Biotin alone would not be enough, but there would have to be a lot more nutrition flowing into the body.
    Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.

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    Nevermind the "#2" in the title...
    Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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      Also keep the thyroid healthy with iodine.
      I don't know much about it, but from what I've heard Nascent Iodine sold at store is the best.
      We do not get anywhere near the iodine we need in the American diet.
      Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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        More notes (some points are redundant) from another video
        i. [Stinging?] Nettle Root Tea. Blocks testosterone from converting to DHT and prevents the two other negative possibilities which are not necessarily blocked by other "solutions".
        ii. Green smoothies or juices. Tons of nutrition. Hair needs nutrition.
        iii. Lecithin. Breaks up arterial plaque (hair loss, according to some, can be caused by blockages since blood is not flowing).
        iv. Daily exercise.
        v. He Shou Wu. Great source of copper and zinc--important for good nails and hair.
        vi. Kidney health is key. Get rid of what Chinese medicine calls "sweet foods" (meat, grains, dairy, high-GI foods). Chinese medicine says kidney health is responsible for hair on top of the head. Only eat starchy carbs/sweets/meat in moderation. A personal objection: if you watch "durianrider" YouTube videos, he and his girlfriend eat tons of sugar but seem to still have tons of hair. This might mean that there is probably only a problem for people eating sweet (high-GI) foods if they don't exercise.
        vii. Some important minerals hair is comprised of: Protein, Zinc, Copper (v. He Shou Wu).
        viii. MSM supplementation not advised unless as a whole food. There may be one made from the pine tree (must do further research).
        ix. Silica. Tea of Oat Straw, Nettle Leaf & Horse Tail highly recommended. Shiny food (cucumber, apple, pepper, radish, bamboo shoot).
        x. Selenium. Found in brazil nuts (eat a few daily), seafood, garlic, raw liver.
        xi. Iodine. Thyroid health directly related to hair health. Kelp highest in iodine of all seaweeds. 1/2 tsp [or T?] daily. Seafood is also usually a rich source. Raw dairy products. 1/2 C milk has 50% RDA iodine (that being said, the US RDA is far, far below what the true RDA needs to be--we have an RDA which will only prevent mental retardation/cretinism).
        xii. Sulfur & MSM. Spicy foods (garlic, radishes, onions), aloe vera (very rich), eggs.
        xiii. Biotin/B7/Vitamin H speeds up hair growth. Biotin is water/air/heat-sensitive. Soft-boil eggs. Cooking knocks out the avidin in the egg white (which avidin would otherwise negate Biotin). Majority of Biotin needs are met by gut flora. Kombucha, sauerkraut contribute to good gut flora health. Chocolate is very rich in sulfur but eating a 100g bar only provides with 1/3 daily RDA Biotin.
        xiv. EPA/DHA from fatty fish for hair health. Fermented Cod Liver oil.
        xv. Bee pollen. Rich in nearly all B-vitamins. Take a couple T daily (also has sulfur / MSM).
        xvi. E3 Live. Extremely rich source of minerals.
        xvii. Schizandra Berry. Whole-body tonic (great for liver).
        xviii. Liver health is key. Liver responsible for hair, skin, nail health. Perhaps Milk Thistle would be in order.
        xix. Dairy products, though rich in Biotin, can cause hair loss by making DHT production increase.
        xx. Filtered shower water--e.g.: no chlorine.
        xxi. Goji berry. Builds the blood and has a lot of minerals in it specifically good for health of hair.
        xxii. Protein. Needed for hair and nail-growth (probably obvious).
        Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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          Keep in mind: the different parts of the stinging nettle (e.g.: the seeds vs. the leaves) possess specific properties and are useful in specific applications.
          Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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            Some instructions on making herbal decoctions, infusions and tinctures (for making nettle tea).

            Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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              Just wanted to give this information for those of you who will be procuring stinging nettle leaves to make tea--as "quick" instruction (vs. the long-winded version in the video).
              i. It is crucial that you do not steep for merely two minutes--i.e.: as with a normal tea (and as I'd already seen many other websites instruct)--because when you steep these leaves, you're looking to get as many of the compounds out of the leaves as possible (far from the case when we're steeping "regular" [orange pekoe ?] tea).
              ii. During the steep, this tea is also to be kept under heightened pressure and under heightened temperature.

              He advised using a Mason jar (to maintain the pressure); to keep the water piping hot, I stuck it in water just below simmering.

              I used about 1/2 qt of water (it may not be important, since using less might just mean that the product would be stronger) with 1/3 oz dried nettle leaf (because he says, somewhere, to use 1 oz nettle leaf; but the way he described it sounded like he was talking "fresh"--1-to-1/3 is the rate of conversion for fresh-to-dry herbs in cooking, and the price of dry vs. fresh was about 1/3 per oz as well) and kept it in water at less than a simmer all night long.
              When I woke up the tea looked black (strange, since the leaves look and smell like mint--and taste like mint mixed with tarragon [tarragon is also green]) like he said it would be.

              I don't know if it was all in my head, but I definitely thought I felt more testosterone today.
              I was more aggressive.
              This ought to have served as a sign that the testosterone was freely roaming in my body--that neither was testosterone allowed to convert to DHT nor was estrogen permitted to rise to try to "balance" things (nor the third negative outcome nettle leaf tea averts which eludes me for the moment).
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                Originally posted by Daniel. View Post
                stinging nettle root tea
                He actually mentioned both stinging nettle root and leaf so I am not certain at the moment. I have sent him messages and will update when I receive the responses. I was told that nettle root was more for prostate but the people at the store weren't even aware that any part of the nettle could prevent hair loss. The employee standing at the counter in the supplements section had previously informed me that he currently takes 6 stinging nettle leaf tablets daily; he had a full head of hair even being 47 years of age. Not sure when he began taking nettle though. Just FYI.

                Edit: It is not as if the employees at the store's not knowing about how Stinging Nettle could prevent conversion of testosterone to DHT means it isn't true; I informed the same man (with the full head of hair) concerning a dandruff solution he'd never heard of either--which the "secrets of longevity" YouTube user said ameliorated his dandruff very appreciably within just 2-3 days (if I remember correctly).
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                  If I understood correctly, the three negative outcomes (relative to testosterone) Stinging Nettle Tea will help to avert are as follows:
                  i. conversion to DHT (DHT is a serious cause of hair loss)
                  ii. getting used up by the sex hormone binding globulin and being rendered inert
                  iii. estrogen levels rising, in keeping with testosterone, to keep things "balanced".

                  He says you can take it daily, but he recommends those who've not finished puberty (under 25) not take it.

                  He talks about this around minute 12:27-13:03 of
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                    The YouTube user is not responding to my YouTube messages (wherein I'd asked the questions).

                    Maybe I should just try stinging nettle root this time since I already tried nettle leaf tea. Perhaps the aggression of the first day was all in my mind (which possibility I'd left open) because it has not returned in any of the subsequent doses.
                    Yes, I may try the root and judge the effects of it now.
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                      Before, I said that the stinging nettle wasn't making me angry (anger is something you'd expect as a result of having extra testosterone in your system); but I think I see now what my error was: I wasn't taking a "full" dose.
                      For a while now, I've been taking what might be thought of as a "half" dose.
                      Why do I say that?
                      What was being called for was that a person prepare a mason jar of the stinging nettle tea per day and I was taking about 1/2 jar daily; on 2014-06-15, I drank approximately 7/10 of a mason jar of the tea in one sitting--and (look out!) I was raging (due to the extra testosterone in the system--being the testosterone is being inhibited from conversion to DHT)!

                      So I will probably have more success now that I know I have to take a bigger dose.
                      Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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                        If I can't control my anger on stinging nettle I will have to stop taking it.
                        It's getting me into some trouble.

                        You may also want to try pulverizing the stinging nettle leaf and mixing it with water.
                        Ro 3:3-8, 4:5; Gal 2:17 You must be ungodly to be justified.


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                          I recently came upon some "Survival Shield X-2" Nascent Iodine (this is the same product as Dr. Group's Global Healing Center's "Detoxadine"--600 drops @ 650mcg/drop or approx. 390,000mcg per 1oz bottle).
                          I'd read topical application of Iodine (it might have to be a certain type of Iodine--the Iodine I have is from Iodine crystals so it is a high quality Iodine; I'm not sure about a product like "Lugol's" though) could cause hair growth; since I noticed my hairline was still receding (albeit slowly), I thought I would topically apply Iodine to just one side of the hairline and observe whether the recession on the side receiving the topical applications of Iodine would show signs of mitigation.

                          I massaged 1-2 drops on the left side of the scalp/hairline (albeit on an irregular/inconsistent basis) for a short time; after all, it is possible that the Iodine actually did make a difference (unless it was naturally this way before I even started the experiment): the left side of the hairline does not appear to have receded to the extent the right side of the hairline has (even if we're only talking millimeters it is visible to me).

                          People close to me say, "Don't worry, you have plenty of hair!", but I know my body--and I know when it changes.
                          I'm only 32, so if this continues I can't see myself having a full head of hair for the rest of my life.
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                            Originally posted by Daniel. View Post
                            You may also want to try pulverizing the stinging nettle leaf and mixing it with water.
                            I tried this but did not experience the side-effect (anger) of having more testosterone in the system (by reason of it being kept from converting to DHT which thickens the scalp and disallows the hair to grow).
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                              The one thing that I failed to mention that is probably the reason why my hairline is receding...

                              It has only been since about the time my hairline began receding (within the last year--I'm 32, and this began in my 31st year) that I've been staying up 2-3 days without sleep (studying). It had to have been happening before I ever noticed, but within probably the last 8 months I started noticing that when ever I would go without sleep in that way the difference in my hairline would literally be visible. I don't understand why that is, only that it is.

                              If you want to keep your hairline, go to sleep on time.
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