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As most of you are aware, we had a crash to forums and were down for over two days a while back. We did have to do an upgrade to the vbulletin software to fix the forums and that has created changes, VB no longer provide the hybrid or threaded forums. There are some issues/changes to the forums we are not able to fix or change. Also note the link address change, please let friends and posters know of the changed link to the forums. For now this is the only link available, but if clicking on forum on homepage it will now send you to this link. (edited to add https: now working.

Again, we are working through some of the posting and viewing issues to learn how to post with the changes, you will have to check and test the different features, icons that have changed. You may also want to go to profile settings,since many of the notifications, information in profile, also to update/edit your avatar by clicking on avatar space, pull down arrow next to login for user settings.

Edit to add "How to read forums, to make it easier."
Pull down arrow next to login name upper right select profile, or user settings when page opens to profile,select link in tab that says Account. Then select/choose options, go down to Conversation Detail Options, Select Display mode Posts, NOT Activity, that selection of Posts will make the pages of discussions go to last post on last page rather than out of order that happens if you choose activity threads. Then be sure to go to bottom and select SAVE Changes in your profile options. You can then follow discussions by going through the pages, to the last page having latest responses. Then click on the other links Privacy, Notifications, to select viewing options,the forums get easier if you open all the tabs or links in your profile, user settings and select options. To join Super Member, pull down arrow next to login name, select User Settings and then click on tab/link at top that says Subscriptions.

Thank you for your patience and God Bless.

Diane S
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I came up with a list of books Id like to see but never will:

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  • I came up with a list of books Id like to see but never will:

    I came up with a list of books Id like to see but never will:
    Wheres Waldo? by J Edgar Hoover
    The Road Less Travelled by Christopher Columbus
    The Hiding Place by Padm Amidala
    Best Fast Food Joints by Julia Child
    Lord of the Rings by Mr. Clean
    Evidence That Demands to be ignored by Richard Dawkins
    Harry Potter and the incrementalist Stone by JK Rowling
    Gone With the Wind by Dr. Spock
    The Purpose Driven Life by Jack London
    Left Behind by Pecos Bill
    This Present Darkness by Darth Maul
    The Late Great Planet Earth by Khan Noonian Singh
    Dare to Write Your Congressman by James Dobson
    Higher Criticism by Joel Osteen
    Through Gates of Tallgrass by Elizabeth Elliot
    Mere Christophony by C S Lewis
    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by Joyce Meyer
    The Complete Book of Accountability by Chuck Smith
    Sexual Integrity by Brigham Young
    The Five Love Languages by John Wycliffe
    Deuteronomy 6:4. Hear, O Israel: The LORD [Jehovah] your God [Elohim] is one LORD [Jehovah].

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    Those are good, Daniel! Here are a few more...

    Everything I Never Told You, by Barack Obama
    How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Kim Jong-Un
    Where the Wild Things Are, by Chewbacca
    How I Ruined My Career, by Nancy Pelosi
    The Madwoman Upstairs, by Bill Clinton

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