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GnarlyOcelot and Bifurcation on Intelligent Design

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  • GnarlyOcelot and Bifurcation on Intelligent Design

    Welcome all. Naturally, Bifurcation and I are excited to have this conversation with each other. Loosely, we want to discuss whether some biological features are best explained by intelligent design.

    The opening post is 2,000 words (for me, taking the affirmative), same for Bifurcations rebuttal. The word-count and number of following posts is negotiable.

    For formatting reasons, I've opted to post my opening statement on scribd:

    Here is the Title and Introduction:

    Best Explained by Design: Whales, Proteins, The Genetic Code, and Human Cognitive Faculties.

    Richard Dawkins: "If you randomly scramble the fragments of an eye or a leg or a heart a million times, you'd be lucky to hit even one combination that could see, walk or pump." Consequently, "its terribly terribly tempting to use the word designed, time and again I have to bite my tongue, and stop myself... when talking to other biologists, we none of us bother to bite our tongues, we just use the word designed."

    This of course isn't surprising on the design hypothesis. But, if it looks, swims, and quacks like a duck, why reject the duck hypothesis? We'll conclude with Dawkins's honest answer, but for now it suffices to say he concludes some process must also be to produce "designoid" systems, pseudo-ducks.

    Enter Darwinism. Recall that Darwin's contemporaries already knew of "evolution" (descent with modification) and most evolutionists accepted guided evolution. Darwin's cultural bomb was simply an algorithmic process which could theoretically produce biological complexity without Intelligent Design [ID]. This Darwinian Mechanism [DM], fundamentally, is "natural selection acting on random variations". Darwinists (e.g. Neo-Darwinists) consequently believe DM has obviated the need for ID in evolution: It's "unguided-evolution".

    But the most recent decades haven't been kind to Darwinism.

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