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Kat Kerr example of unbelievable lying blasphemous apostasy>

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  • Kat Kerr example of unbelievable lying blasphemous apostasy>

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    Now folk his woman can lie herself into hell but what really really bothers me is thousands of Christian actuaaly believe her outrageous new age heretical apostate lying blasphemy

    She could be the worst liar in all of the Christian Church History and it is our duty to expose her to the Church for exactly what she is AN AGENT OF SATAN

    What’s the most travelled place that is not found on earth? is it space, the moon, mars … no, its heaven. that’s right, heaven is most frequently visited place by those who profess by teaching the church new revelation. to say some of these (who are mostly women) are false prophets would be kind, the fact is, they are dangerous with a capital d.

    Paul the apostle went once to heaven and he was told it was illegal to speak on it, john the apostle had a vision and was allowed to speak, commissioned to write of what he saw because it had to do with the last days, Jesus setting up his kingdom and it would become our scripture. there are others in our day who speak of travelling to heaven as a constant occurrence. Kat Kerr is one of them; she claims God takes her to heaven all the time, she goes there and comes back with messages from god to the church. she has had tours of heaven for over ten years, visiting it hundreds of times. so she has written a book: “revealing heaven,” part one and two.

    Kerr says in her book “sometimes when I am out walking, I can feel the wind of the spirit swirling around me and that same awe comes over me that I feel when I am in heaven. it is like getting kisses from above.

    I have been caught up to heaven like John in revelation for the purpose of sharing it to others

    So here we have the danger because her revelation goes far beyond John’s and she is putting herself on equal status with an Apostle who wr

    she claims “her revelation will usher in the greater glory instead of the great darkness that now covers the earth.” by reading and accepting these teachings from the father's heart “heaven will invade your being,” that

    Heaven has begun to invade our lives on earth and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate.” she also says, by reading her book it “will cause the fear of death to be swallowed.” (audiobook 2)

    She also claims, “in these last days God will catch more people up.”

    Kerr claims she was given visions of many things that are about to take place on earth. she says “we are entering into a ‘holy’ season of heaven being released on earth. god is going to unveil the greatest mysteries” and she claims about her second book: God also reveals some of the greatest mysteries that have been hidden in the world since the world began.”

    Wow, these are some incredible claims that she is going to accomplish. book 2 and 3, are “a continuation of my journeys to heaven. we are also releasing (as instructed by holy spirit). in other words, God is superintending this like the Bible with the apostles. kerr also has a website that answers people questions about the afterlife and what is in heaven, apparently, they can bypass the bible and go straight to modern witness that goes there every other week.

    I wondered, where did I hear of scribe angels before? the Elijah list….

    In the great library of heaven, there are books that are set aside that will now be released and written on earth. scribe angels are handing out pens and these pens can empower people with a revelatory ability to relate the deep things of the heart onto paper.

    If an angel from heaven, teaches contrary to God's word, we are to reject that teaching (Galatians 1:8-9). what Kerr and others like her are doing is rewriting the bible from an experience, presenting a completely different end times plan and a heaven that is not described by any apostle.

    scribe angels are directly connected to channelling and automatic writing found in the occult and new age. it is brought into the church by the new revelator's. these scribe spirits are surfacing everywhere, channelling new revelation to anyone willing to go beyond the word. kat Kerr is only one of many that have gone beyond the words of scripture.

    Paul gave apollos and himself examples to the church ‘that you may learn in us not to think beyond what is written, that none of you may be puffed up on behalf of one against the other” (1 Cor. 4:6). new revelation certainly puffs one up, they think they were specially chosen to deliver more of the bible.

    it was not an angel but Jesus who told john rev. 1:11: “I am alpha and omega, the first and the last: and, what thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia.” this became our scripture, and we can be assured it is the truth.

    Kerr claims by the revelations of the “holy one" through her book it will "usher in the knowledge of the greater glory. in the ad for her book she says “be thankful citizens of earth that you are living in this day and hour when the glory of the Lord will cover the whole earth.

    No, it won’t. the tribulation is coming first and those who do not believe this had better understand God's plan for mankind that is already written. hab. 2:14 “for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (the glory will fill the temple hab. 2:7; rev.21:22-23) I don’t see anything like she teaches of the whole earth in God's glory. even if one sees rev.21 as this fulfilment, this occurs after the millennium, after Jesus is on earth for 1,000 years.

    Her message is that from 2010 to 2025 there will be a golden age of Christianity, heaven will invade earth, God's glory will cover the earth, angels will be making television appearances. just as Rodney Browne and those from the Toronto vineyard under the false anointing spoke nearly 20 years ago.

    That “manifestations of his power through signs, wonders and the miraculous will happen everywhere – no buildings will be able to contain them.” this is exactly what Paul warned would come through the antichrist to deceive the elect as the tribulation comes upon the earth.

    She writes, “all things will be shaken and all things will be restored to and through God's faithful believers!”

    No it won’t, Jesus comes back to restore all things, we do not do this, we wait for his appearing. this is latter rain teaching of the church first in dominion.

    It is god “who has chosen this handmaiden to reveal the hidden things, the precious things, and the treasures stored up in his heaven for those who love him and love the coming of him!” apparently she is equal to or more important than John who gave us the revelation of Jesus Christ to be blessed with. if you love Jesus then you believe his word and not believe any additions.

    That’s over 6 years ago and we do not see anything like this.

    The word of god is contradicted and few notices. the scriptures tell the truth, the world will grow more wicked, the devil will set up his kingdom and persecute the true Christians - that’s whats coming according to the Bible, the revelation we all should be listening to.

    Kerr says, there are also motorcycles with hyper-drive that you can travel by. children ride on hoverboards (she even refers to the Jetson's cartoon for what she saw in heaven).

    Kerr says “I have seen Jesus several times before going to heaven” but, “that assignment came when Jesus appeared to me in my home and commissioned me to write about his home.” contrary to this, the bible says Jesus will not leave heaven until the second advent (Acts 1:10-11 is thrown out the window with her personal experiences). she says there will be a rapture, but it’s at least another 20 years away.

    It’s not everything on earth, or the earth itself but the tabernacle that Moses made likened to what is in heaven, which would later become the temple for Israel in their worship.

    Kerr’s description of heaven can be likened to an improved earth that is supernatural. there are “restaurants, art galleries, sports arenas, movie theatres and even an amusement park. one of the best things about heaven is that you do not need money to purchase‟ things, everything is free” (book)

    Food is not necessary but “we will eat in heaven without any weight gain.” Kerr tells us, your food will not be animals killed but made from light, and there are lots of restaurants to eat from. you can even shop in heaven. you can put gifts in the mansions of those who are soon to arrive from earth.

    The sky in heaven can be many different colors. I wouldn't say that there's one color all of the time everywhere. because i have been many places and seen many different colors. it's always daylight. there's no darkness like we have on this earth. there are times that are just waves after waves of beautiful colors going through the sky. (question and answers: #249 Kat Kerr - the weather in heaven, bold included)

    Kerr says she has encountered numerous angels, demons, and other spiritual creatures. when she goes to heaven people in heaven can’t see her, but she can see them and listen to their conversation.

    there’s the ‘rush’, heaven’s biggest roller coaster. she tells us the angels have wings, and some of them ride the roller coaster. the bible does not teach angels to have wings, it is the cherubim and seraphim have wings, they are a different category of angelic creature. the more one compares her explanations to the bible the less believable the details become.

    “God does make special places in heaven just for kids! they have a place called “jello land”. why? because of kids like jello. but it’s even more fun when you jump on it and eat it at the same time.” “all the buildings, the streets. everything is made out of jello. all kinds of flavors. it’s not going to melt.’(answering questions: #261) Kat Kerr - a place called “jello land”)

    She describes a movie theatre; where people play roles in the films; John Wayne is featured in one film, wielding a gun and chasing some villains (violence in heavens theatres?). one of the films is star wars, where swords are being wielded.

    some of the buildings in heaven aren't even on the ground, they're like up in the skies of heaven, you just float up there to them." (question#249) Kat Kerr - the weather in heaven

    You learn to fly like Superman. and one of the really exciting things I found out is who teaches you. it would be Christopher RReeves yes, he made it to heaven. and you know one of the best roles he ever played on this earth was Superman, he still gets to use that in heaven”

    In heaven, God gives you the desires of your heart, so if you wanted a horse on earth, you will get a huge stable in heaven. not to be concerned, you will not have to feed them or clean them.

    Kerr has often whisked away immediately into heaven, “talking to the father as soon as I woke up and was telling him I wanted to know and see his heart. although I was speaking symbolically, (god took it literally.)… before I could respond, he caught me up and I was standing on the third step down from his throne.”(from chapter seven, stones of fire - the ancient paths)

    Even during a conversation with another person on earth she has whisked away and saw Jesus playing a game of golf with one of the subjects of her book in his own backyard in heaven,

    There is golf in heaven?” I asked, but they did not answer me. jesus and John both had tunic tops and loose pants on (i mention in an upcoming chapter that you do not wear your gowns and robes all the time, usually only to corporate gatherings and in the throne room). I realized that I was no longer at the church, but was now in heaven.” (book)

    Kerr says, “both Holy Spirit and the angels told me that heaven is always increasing and adding new things for our enjoyment!” “flowers sing” and “change colour”. “in your mansion they grow out of the walls

    I’m sorry, but this heaven sounds like someone had mushrooms or some psychedelic to eat, or is taking a psychotropic drug. this all goes far beyond the word given to the apostles. there is a reason god withheld details of heaven even to john one of his closest disciples.

    Kerr explains some of her teachings she learned in heaven. “our worship becomes a weapon as it passes right through Satan's realm (the second heaven) on the way to the throne room. it sends spiritual missiles which do great damage to his property.

    She explains that only in the “throne room of God. lightning comes from the father. it's the only place you'll find lightning in heaven. it's like a million megawatts of love.

    People actually run to get struck by that lightning." (question and answers: #249 Kat Kerr - the weather in heaven).

    Kerr claims to go in and out of the throne room, she describes “there are 4 steps to the throne.” she sees the father, and Jesus and is able to sit on God's lap.

    But now two people have seen almighty God namely sinful lying Kat Kerr, and the Perfect righteous Son of God the Lord Jesus Christ

    Again hertics read what the Holy Bible says and stop listening to the sick garbage out of this cosmic size liar that in fact might tutn out to be the worst liar in all of the long hisory of the chritian church

    This clearly goes against the scripture from john who had the vision and wrote the revelation of jesus christ. john 1:18 “no one has seen god at any time. the only begotten son, who is in the bosom of the father, he has declared him.

    In exodus 33 the lord passed by moses and said, v.20 “but you may not look directly at my face, for no one may see me and live.” clearly this is what she is claiming.

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