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    " When aluminium-26 decays it emits a gamma ray and by detecting this radiation, astronomers have known for several decades that the Milky Way contains about two solar masses of the isotope. However, gamma-ray detectors have poor angular resolution and therefore the sources of aluminium-26 could not be located.

    In this latest study, Kamińskiís team used the ALMA radio telescope in Chile, and the NOEMA radio telescope in France to observe the distinctive, millimetre-wavelength signature associated with aluminium monofluoride molecules that contain aluminium-26. This allowed them to conclude that CK Vulpeculae is indeed a source of aluminium-26.

    The research provides new insights into how low-mass binary mergers take place Ė and evidence that heavy elements inside stars can be ejected into space during such mergers."

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    "The exact sciences also start from the assumption that in the end it will always be possible to understand nature, even in every new field of experience, but that we make no a priori assumptions about the meaning of the word "understand"."


    " It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, and it is the glory of a king to search out a matter. " ( Proverbs 25:2 )