Invest in aluminum foil companies, the Tin Foil Hat will soon be mandatory. What better investment for your 401K!

Johnny Cirrucci, of the Resistance Rising podcast, is an intrepid reporter, willing to risk life and limb to spread the truth. This brave man is willing to confront the NASA-Freemason hold on science, defying Jesuit ninja albino assassins. Our country needs men like him. God bless the USA, God bless Johnny Cirucci.

I am starting a Draft Johnny Cirrucci 2024 exploratory committee. Our country needs a good man in office after the end of the second term of our God-Empreror, Donald Trump. Send cash to Simplicio, along with your prayer requests and testimonies how the New World Order is affecting your life and restricting your liberties, how the liberals are denying you your God given constitutional rights.

Remember, if the women don't find you attractive, they should at least find you handy.