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Thank you for your patience and God Bless.

Diane S
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Honorary degrees and pioneers of science

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  • Honorary degrees and pioneers of science

    James Watson (of Watson and Crick fame, dicoverers of the structure of DNA) had his honorary degrees from Cold Springs Harbor Labs taken away because of his racist views.

    Cold Springs Harbor Lab (CSHL) is also tied up in controversy, it was a center for eugenics research early in the twentieth century. So on the one hand, the one lab I associate with the early work on corn genetics and hybrid vigor, is also associated with the repugnant eugenics movement. I list the work on heterosis as a major scientific breakthrough even if not recognized as well as Einstein's work. The work on genetics and heterosis coincided with the rediscovery of Mendel's genetics.

    So I rank the discoveries of CSHL alongside with the computer and car, affecting our daily life in profound ways. But their history with eugenics does not discredit their other work. In the same way, Watson is deserving of the honors of history and science, regardless of any other repugnant views.

    What purpose does the honoraries serve? and what does stripping away those honors serve?

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    Originally posted by simplicio View Post
    What purpose does the honoraries serve?
    "Recognition" in the system of their expertise.

    and what does stripping away those honors serve?
    Retaliation for unpopular social views - same as tearing down Confederate memorials. It makes those who tear them down feel "good".

    Dr. WIlliam Shockley (The transister) was a rabid racist, but "we the people" weren't so much into "social punishment" then.