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The enemy of the people strikes again

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  • The enemy of the people strikes again

    The New York Times has another stupid story that we all knew long ago that the FBI was investigating Donald Trump and his ties to Russia.

    This article is so full of crap it's hard to imagine how they get by with it. If not for the dumb liberals they wouldn't get by with it, but the audience of the anti Trump liberal media is the liberal dumb masses. They don't care if almost half the nation is not this stupid, just as long as their audience is out there, that's all they're after and it's all about the next election cycle anyway with them.

    The article doesn't mention the fact that Rosenstein is the one who advised the president to fire the liar and corrupt James Comey. They just mention him indirectly and make up this scenario without any sourcing or verification...

    Even after the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, wrote a more restrained draft of the letter and told Mr. Trump that he did not have to mention the Russia investigation — Mr. Comey’s poor handling of the Clinton email investigation would suffice as a fireable offense, he explained — Mr. Trump directed Mr. Rosenstein to mention the Russia investigation anyway.

    See, that's just simply made up by the NYTs. Also another part that is made up and simply an out right lie. They write,..

    Mr. Trump had caught the attention of F.B.I. counterintelligence agents when he called on Russia during a campaign news conference in July 2016 to hack into the emails of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

    Again, we all saw the news conference. Donald Trump did not call on Russia to hack anyone. The article is simply a lie. But again stupid liberals is the target audience. Trump said "Russia if you're listening I hope you're able to find the 30 thousand emails that are missing". And we all know the 30k emails were the ones Hillary Clinton illegally deleted after she was told to hand them over. The corrupt FBI was not about to charge her for obstructing justice because their own leaked emails prove they were working to make sure Hillary became president.

    But if you have the stomach for it, watch the video embedded in the article wit Brian Williams and Jon Meacham. Brian who we all know was moved around for being shot down in Iraq and Jon Meacham has always been a liberal hack. These people like Dan Rather are never fired, they are just moved from one place to another. Their video speaks for itself. It's hyper exaggerating nonsense. We know for example Hillary sent those e-mails to a known pedophile's computer where he was vulnerable to the hackers. We also know China hacked Hillary's private server and Human's blackberry, which means all of the Hillary network was penetrated. There's so much that we have learned but ,liberals and the enemy of the people, the News Media, either pretend they don't remember or as the dumb masses prove, they Can't remember. They can't even remember just a few short months ago we learned the FBI illegally spied on the Trump Campaign and planted their own spooks in the campaign without his knowledge! They, the FBI agents involved along with Comey, should be in prison for that alone!

    It's simply irritating that over half our nation is so stupid they will see this article as something brand new and they had no idea the FBI has been investigating Trump/Russia collusion of some kind. We know the dumb masses have already forgotten how Stzrok and his adulterer girlfriend were fired for their exposure to attempt to overthrow the election, or how Comey and McCabe lied to congress and how both were fired for their corruption and incompetence. The dumb masses don't remember that Hillary campaign, the DNC, and the FBI all worked together with Fusion GBS, the Russian Intelligence and the British MI6 to get dirt if possible on Trump and ended up fabricating the famous Steel MI6 dossier, on Trump.

    This article from the NYTs is more proof the News Media is the enemy of the people. This is the kind of stuff dictators do but in the case of our free press they Willingly are working to destroy our representative republic and are trying to dishonestly overthrow our duly elected president with lies, gossip, and their knowledge that most of the population are mentally challenged liberals.

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    I can't fathom how the President had the right to fire Comey removed by the cesspool media.

    All the Democrates wanted him fired when he announced investigation of Hillary e-mails.

    Obstruction would be if Trump had shut down the FBI.