Disagreements about things to come cannot be right or wrong because NONE of us know for sure what God has planned. I am closing one thread on that basis.

I am also closing it because I have alerts that are almost 1 month old, and these alerts should have come sooner.

EACH of you posters here are responsible for the tone of the thread, and since we do not go "tracking" the usual offenders it is required that you alert us, or else the threads will continue to require shut downs

EACH of you are required to follow the rules here, and especially use the proper usernames of the other posters. Because the usage of other names of posters have been mangled and disrespected in many posts, I will consider ANY mis-usage of the poster's username to be a rule 12 insult, and I will make infractions accordingly.

Attacking people:
  1. No name-calling, insults, or mockery of a board poster. No negative comments of any sort concerning any board poster. Rule applies only to current forum posters/chatters--does not apply to those not posting/chatting on our forums.
  2. Do not discuss a board poster on the forums/visitor messages/chat. Do not comment using their user name and most important no disrespectful comments of or about our Lord.
  3. Do not post any message that harass, insult, belittle, threatens, or flames another guest personally. Using other websites/forums/chat to attack/insult CARM users if documented to admin may result in immediate Suspension to all parties involved to bullying and gossip of any CARM user.
  4. Do not discuss a forum poster on the discussion boards/messages/chat and do not attempt to moderate or correct behaviors of a forum poster. Stick to the topic of discussion.
  5. Send alerts to moderators if noted rule violations.
edit/topic not banned