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Are sinners in ignorance withiout sin?

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  • Are sinners in ignorance withiout sin?

    John 15:22 - "If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin..."

    Are those in ignorance without sin? Yes, but only in a specific sense. Those who are in ignorance have not yet committed the unforgiveable sin of willfully and knowingly rejecting the Word of God after the Holy Spirit has revealed it to them. They cannot knowingly and willfully reject the Word of God until God first enlightens them by the Holy Spirit.
    I am not a NPB-Onlyist (No Perfect Bible Onlyist), nor a NA/UBS-Onlyist. Marke

    If this book be not infallible, where shall we find infallibility? We have given up the Pope, for he has blundered often and terribly; but we shall not set up instead of him a horde of little popelings fresh from college. C. H. Spurgeon

    For that Revised Version I have but little care as a general rule, holding it to be by no means an improvement upon our common Authorized Version. C.H. Spurgeon