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Diane S
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Does Daniel's seventieth week last for 7 solar years, or...

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  • Does Daniel's seventieth week last for 7 solar years, or...

    Originally posted by Rod.ney View Post

    What I posted is 100% accurate when those 69 weeks ( 483 Prophetic or Biblical years of 360 days ) are converted into our SOLAR years of 365.25 days to come up with 476 solar years to move forward from 444/445 BC when the decree was issued to restore & rebuild Jerusalem during troublesome times in Nehemiah chapter Two in conjunction with Dan.9:25! Dan.9:27 ( the Final 7 years ) will start at the END of the age of grace ( Church age ) when 1 Thess.4:14-17 transpires! Had national Israel accepted Jesus as their Messiah when He made His Triumphal entry then there would NOT have been the need for the church age!

    Christians have always believed that the Bible uses a lunisolar calendar of 12 or 13 months of 29 or 30 days each. Each month begins with a new moon, and about every third year a leap month is added to keep the festivals in the same time of the solar year.

    But 125 years ago, the famed Dispensationalist Sir Robert Anderson came up with what he calls "Biblical years" which always have 360 days.

    Q. Does Daniel's seventieth week last for 7 solar years, or does it last for 6 solar years plus 10 months and 3 weeks?

    Note: 7 "Biblical years" of 360 days each would be 2,520 days (7 x 360), which would be 6 solar years plus 10 months and 3 weeks (2,520 / 365.25).

    A. I believe Daniel's seventieth week lasted for 7 solar years.

    If you also answer 7 solar years...

    Please post a verse from the Bible where the word "year" refers to 360 days instead of a solar year, if you can.

    I cannot.
    God our father is the holy spirit called the LORD, and Jesus is the LORD in the flesh.

    The LORD is God Dt 6:4 The LORD is our father Is 64:8 The LORD is holy Is 6:3 God is spirit Jn 4:24 God manifest in the flesh 1 Ti 3:16 Jesus is Lord 1 Co 12:3