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What IS the 'GOSPEL' you wish to spread?

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  • What IS the 'GOSPEL' you wish to spread?

    PRECISELY HOW do you define "the Gospel?' The 'good news?'

    I hear all sorts of strange things that people label'the gospel' ranging from tongues to tracts. HOW DO YOU defin 'THE Gospel???'
    God's Word (Scripture) will convince me. YOUR argument is your own.

    I want to be so full of Jesus that if a mosquito bites me, he will fly away singing 'there's power in the blood. . .' (author unknown)

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    Do you mean "GOOD NEWS" ?


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      The Gospel is that there is a God, a Spiritual Being that wants to be Active in our Lives.

      This Spiritual being has sent us an Example of what it is like to have His Spirit within us, by the living example of Yeshua.

      We can become one with this Spiritual Being.

      To do this you must first choose to follow the example of Yeshua.

      After you have chosen to follow the Christ, the Spirit itself will come to you and guide you further in your travel to becoming One with the Spirit.


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        I believe the Bible already defined the gospel for us in 1Cor15:1-4