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"acquired" in Trinitarianism VS "adopted" in Adoptionism

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  • "acquired" in Trinitarianism VS "adopted" in Adoptionism

    Originally posted by Kampioen View Post

    I believe Yahweh created even Jesus' soul and spirit.
    Originally posted by Kampioen View Post

    The conclusion that reconciles Scriptures is that God/theWord acquired a complete human body (including soul) and come under the influence of the non-omniscient human senses/nature.

    So according to your Trinitarian view...

    Christ is the Son of God in respect to his divine nature; but that as a man, he was only acquired as the firstborn of God.

    Whereas CARM says that according to Adoptionism...

    Christ is the Son of God in respect to his divine nature; but that as a man, he was only adopted as the firstborn of God.

    It would seem that a boy who is adopted is a son, whereas a boy who is acquired is a slave.

    Since the dictionary defines adopted as "to choose or take as one's own; make one's own by selection or assent".

    And the dictionary defines aquired as "to come into possession or ownership of; get as one's own".


    I do not agree with either the Adoptionism view that Jesus was adopted or the Trinitarian view that Jesus was acquired.

    I believe Christ is the Son of God in respect to being transcendent God immanent (manifest) in this creation...

    For this creation, YHWH God (the only one who transcends all creations) determined to create a universe with a kingdom of redeemed humans (living souls) for his glory where he would reign as a living soul himself. The Scriptures describe how God would accomplish his plan. In an instant, transcendent God (God the Father) created the supernatural and space-time of this universe and also became immanent as a spirit (the Spirit of God) and in the form of a living soul with a spiritual body (the Word of God). God the Father created all things within the universe by the power of the Spirit of God commanded by the Word of God. But whereas God created each of us, God himself as the Word is Jesus. At his birth, the Word exchanged his spiritual body for a natural body to be made like us so he could make reconciliation for our sins. At his resurrection, the Word regained his spiritual body and he will also give each of his elect a spiritual body when he returns to reign in his kingdom forever.
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    God our father is the holy spirit called the LORD, and Jesus is the LORD in the flesh.

    The LORD is God Dt 6:4 The LORD is our father Is 64:8 The LORD is holy Is 6:3 God is spirit Jn 4:24 God manifest in the flesh 1 Ti 3:16 Jesus is Lord 1 Co 12:3