Due to recent questions concerning rules on this forum, this is a reminder again, read the rules and Rule 5. deals with the question, comment issues. This forum is to ask forum posting or technical questions only related to forums. Any comment, question about rules, mods, admins, management are to be sent in email as directed in the "Grievance" Rule. All posters should read the rules when registering but for anyone that may be confused, here is the rule again, if you comment or question mods/admins or rules, management, you must do so in email or receive infractions/suspension.

Rule 5. Grievances:

1.Should you have a comment, question, grievance or complaint with the CARM administration or moderation rules, do not post the grievance or complaints, questions on the forum/chat room or visitor messages, private messages, alerts, or you will receive a Grievance violation and possible immediate suspension. Questions or comments on how we approach the daily problems faced on our forums, chat, our purpose, values, supervision, decisions, rules and management of the website should be directed to CARM via email at carmdiane@yahoo.com. We will not accept any arguments, comments, questions about the rules, or application of the rules on the forums. You may email a Grievance. It will be considered, but we do not respond to every email or complaint. Questions are answered in the rules, if your infraction not reversed on the forum account, the appeal was rejected. Sending to CARMstuff and contacting Matt/office with forum questions also considered a violation of grievance procedure. If you have questions concerning the CARM positions, policies of the Home Page website and written articles only then direct questions to CARMstuff@yahoo.com.

1.Do not argue with the moderators/managers/admin in their enforcement of rules on the forums/profile messages, alerts, or email.
2.Should you have a complaint, comment, or question concerning the forums or concerning any of the moderators or managers, then please email Diane S. at carmdiane@yahoo.com.
3.Note: Many offering a complaint concerning moderation of the forums have not read the rules or do not realize that the moderators are trained to enforce the rules and that our moderators do document and discuss rule violations with the administration, managers, and other moderators for their review on a private forum. Please first read all the rules again. Should you still have a question or comment regarding the rules, you may not question the moderators. Contact Diane at carmdiane@yahoo.com with an appeal. The CARM administrator in discussion with the managers and moderator involved will consider the appeal. If it is not reversed on your forum account within the week, consider the appeal not valid or rejected."