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Quit this forum due to unchristian injustice.
I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't think I'm making a difference and I don't think I have the grace to take the abuse right now. Maybe in the future. Even when Jesus forgave us, we still hurt him. His forgiveness to us did not magically make him not hurt for us. And it's more hurt than anger, and that takes time to heal. Your prayers meant a lot to me when my mother died. Thank you for that.
I get it - online debate is frustrating and rarely productive.

I don't think we agree about anything, but I hope you have a good one.
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There's more going on than I'm "allowed" to talk about, and it's not the atheists. They treated me better than the Christians.
A certain Israeli rabbi once said: "Seriously, what would you prefer: To have come from apes or to have come from mud?"