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Thanks. I remember a Bonnie of CARM days of old. Pretty sure you're the same lady.

Good to see you again.

Love your posts and your arguments toward me. You're the only one I've seen actually THINK aside from Vesselijah long ago.
Hello brother! How are you doing.

God bless you,

Doing well brother. This is the day that the Lord hath made...

How are you these days?
Yes, our Lord is in control of all things and one day all will bow down to him in love and awe. However, the Lord has quite a job to do on me. What about you? :)

God bless you,

Good job!

Although I hold little hope for Michael seeing Jesus as his personal Savior, and not as a judge, we can only hope... and continue to quote Scripture in context, as you have done.
thank you, I’m so sorry for Micheal my own mother is just like him and she brainwashed my son so much so he won’t talk to me now because I’m not an SDA. It’s such a false religion but the word of God itself changes hearts and minds.