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I've asked that my post in the atheism forum (in this thread) be deleted. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I've been getting week-long bannings pretty consistently every day or two for a few months now. Will me reporting my own post cause me to get permanently banned?

Your signature currently says:

> formally known as Tester

You may want to change "formally" to "formerly." The two words have somewhat different meanings.

Torin (formerly Occam)
Amen and thank you very much. I do get the odd " Like " but never before today a " Love " comment.... God Bless you.....
Hi Fenuay, I know we dont agree on some things but I have been praying for you and hoping you are doing ok.

Hope you didnt mind me messaging you
Thank you. I am very thankful for your prayers. It's ok that we don't agree on everything. At least we both believe in and love Jesus!