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DrPatti, Glad to see you posting again. As always, something to think about in your posts.

Your kindness in Love, is always remembered by me.

Yours in Christ, Michael
Since many of the posters who are foolishly arguing from a "foundation of ignorance " (oxymoron alert) it will do you well to do a web search on the Christadelphians. They are not Christians, and unlike Christian Forums, it is OK to attack other religions as long as you do not go personal.
Does your handle relates to "1965 papal encyclical on the Eucharist by Pope Paul VI" ??? Yours in Christ, Michael
Mysterium Fidei
Mysterium Fidei
JMJ is just an abbreviation, a Catholic salutation. It stands for Jesus Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family.
Thomas, Thank you for your Salutation !!!
Yours in Christ, Michael
Mysterium Fidei
Mysterium Fidei
SD, are you Catholic? I can't tell from your posts, just curious.

JMJ, Thomas
Congratulations on getting the Forum back up. I know that running a forum can require alot of technological knowledge. Unless we are talking about a forum system like Proboards, it's common for them to crash or go offline occasionally over the years.
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