Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings


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Another thread started with nothing but a link.

What are the issues you want to discuss? And please don't tell me to watch the video. If I did that I would leave my comments on youtube, not here.
A video with no explanation or points for discussion. Why should anyone bother looking at this?
We know you wont. Its outside your echo chamber
I would not click on any OP video or link without some opening statement from the person starting the thread indicating why they started the thread and what key information is contained in the link.

So far the "discussion" on this thread has been completely content free.
You say that, but anytime somebody provides you with a link to a source to correct you and make you a little less ignorant, you refuse to click on that, too.

As somebody else said, if it's not in your echo chamber, you're not interested.
I refuse to click on links to unidentified sources or sketchy sources that have no credibility, along with refusing to click on links in an OP with no text to initiate discussion.